What We Do

These are the different services we can offer you and your home.

About Us

We’re a small contracting operation based out of central Columbus, Ohio. We pride ourselves in our work and our commitment to our customers – we’ve got the expertise and ability to inform our customers on the work we are doing and why we’re doing it. Here at Silver Scope, we want our customers to feel like family, while providing top notch contracting services. Your home is an investment – and we are here to protect it!

Drain Cleaning

Drain issues? We perform drain assessment and cleaning, and remedy clogged, partially, and totally collapsed drains. 

Pipeline Inspection

We also perform pipeline inspections on properties. The more you know about what’s going on underground, the easier it is to assess a drainage issue.


We perform gutter cleaning and repair. We’ll get rid of the waste for you, and can even flush test your gutters to see where the issues lie.

Where We Work

Silver Scope is managed and operated out of central Columbus and the surrounding areas, including Franklin and Madison County.

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